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President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir of Sudan Meets with Wang Yi

On January 13 local time, President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir of Sudan met with and held a banquet for Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the State Guesthouse in Khartoum.

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir expressed that Sudan-China relations enjoy time-honored history and witness constant development. The bilateral cooperation in practical fields could be described as the model for South-South cooperation. The two sides always understand and support each other on regional and international issues. The Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process advocated by the Chinese side achieved a complete success, playing a positive role in promoting the South Sudan Peace Process. As the Sudan-China relations are faced with the opportunities for further development, Sudan is willing to make joint efforts with the

Chinese side to explore new cooperation fields and intensify coordination on the issues related to the regional peace and security, so as to lift the bilateral relations to a new high.

Wang Yi said that China cherishes China-Sudan traditional friendship and stands ready to advance China-Sudan relations from a strategic and long-term perspective. China is a reputable country valuing friendship. My visit to Sudan at invitation this time is to show support to Sudan when the country is in the crucial period of its economic and social development. China is ready to work with Sudan to tap potentials, promote the sustainable development in cooperation of traditional fields, discuss on new cooperation approaches in a more active manner, and explore new cooperation fields.

Wang Yi expressed that China is committed to safeguarding regional peace and stability. After one-day intensive interaction, five-point important consensus was reached during the Special Consultation in Support of the IGAD-led South Sudan Peace Process advocated by China. This is a meaningful attempt for China to play a more positive role in supporting the African people to solve African issues in African manner and to realize regional peace and security. China is ready to maintain communication and cooperation with Sudan in this regard.

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