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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti of Sudan

In the evening of January 11 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti of Sudan in Khartoum.

Wang Yi said that Sudan is an old friend and good friend of China and is also an important cooperative partner of China across the Arab world, Africa, and developing countries. Since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship more than half a century ago, the two countries have forged a profound friendship by offering mutual support and sharing weal and woe. The important characteristics of China-Sudan relations are long-lasting mutual understanding and support, which is a precious tradition of the two countries and deserves inheritance and further development. China is a trustworthy country valuing friendship. My visit to Sudan shows China’s high attention to developing China-Sudan relations, firm support in Sudan’s efforts to safeguard national stability, and strong will to strengthen cooperation with Sudan friends in the crucial period of economic development of Sudan. You can take my visit as a trip of support.

Wang Yi said that there is no change in China’s policy of developing all-round friendly relations with Sudan. China will continue to give priority to Sudan in its policy toward Arab states and Africa. China is willing to properly solve the problems arising from the cooperation process, reinforce the traditional friendship, and expand common interests by means of friendly consultation and sincere cooperation. We would like to support each other on political issues, raise the level of practical cooperation in economy, and enhance coordination in settling regional hotspot issues. China supports Sudan’s efforts to safeguard national independence and sovereignty and to promote political reconciliation. Meanwhile, China wishes to maintain cooperation with Sudan in traditional fields such as oil and infrastructure, and actively explore new modes of cooperation. In the future, manufacturing and processing industry and agriculture should be the breakthroughs in bilateral practical cooperation. We are willing to encourage Chinese enterprises to invest and set up factories in Sudan, and believe that Sudan will provide better investment climate and take effective measures to ensure the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel working in Sudan.

Karti said that Sudan has maintained sound relations with China since independence and has always been a trustworthy and reputable friend of China. Sudan appreciates and thanks China for the helping hand it always extended when Sudan was faced with difficulties and will continue to firmly support China on major issues concerning China’s core interests. Sudan hopes to raise bilateral relationship to new levels by positively exploring mutually beneficial cooperation in new fields such as agriculture, mining industry and processing industry, attaching importance to protecting the safety of Chinese nationals and institutions in Sudan, and strengthening cooperation with China on the issue of regional peace and security. He also appreciates Wang Yi’s trip of support to Sudan under the current situation and believes that this visit would bring positive impact to bilateral relations in the future.

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