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Wang Yi: Fully Confident in the Prospect of China-Kenya Relations

On January 10, 2015, after holding talks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed of Kenya jointly met the press. Wang Yi spoke highly of China-Kenya relations and expressed his full confidence in the prospect of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi said that since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship, China and Kenya understand, support and help each other, and we are satisfied with the current situation of bilateral relations. Grounded on the profound friendly tradition and the political foundation of mutual trust, we have full confidence in the prospect of the China-Kenya relations. Kenya is pursuing the "looking east" policy, which sends a clear signal that Kenya is willing to further deepen the cooperation with China. China is speeding up its opening up process toward the west, and gradually grows into a major country in overseas investment and cooperation. We should make a historic connection of the development strategies of China and Kenya, so as to create more space for development and tap more potential of cooperation. We hope that the cooperation between China and Kenya could gradually go beyond the traditional trade and the mutual exchange of disposable products like resources and raw materials, and move up to the mutually beneficial cooperation at a higher level. We propose to conduct the cooperation in such fields as infrastructure construction, industrial transfer, ecological environmental protection, and peace and security, which embodies the needs to keep pace with the times and also conforms to Kenya's demand of future development. We are willing to strengthen an all-round mutually beneficial cooperation with all African countries including Kenya, so as to enhance the overall strength of developing countries. This will be conducive to make global force more balanced and our world more peaceful. I believe that it is not only an obligation which China should honor as a good friend of Africa, but also an international commitment that China should perform as a major responsible country.

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