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Wang Yi: China-CELAC Cooperation Excludes No Third Party

On January 9, 2015, when meeting the press together with Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez Sanz of Costa Rica, the rotating presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) after the conclusion of the first ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC Forum, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China-CELAC cooperation is not targeted at any third party and excludes no third party.

Wang Yi noted that the cooperation between China and Latin American and Caribbean countries, serving not only as South-South cooperation, but also as mutual support among the developing countries, will not influence or replace the existed exchanges and cooperation between the concerned parties and other nations and regions. The China-CELAC cooperation, which is based on their respective demands and common interests of both sides, is not targeted at any third party. The cooperation also holds an open, inclusive and balanced principle and excludes no third party.

Wang Yi said that in cooperation with developing countries, China will take the cooperative partners' need for self-development into full consideration based on the principles of equality, mutual benefit, advantageous complementarity and win-win cooperation and focus on helping them improve their capability for self-development rather than simply conducting trade and investment or mere one-off sales of resources and energy.

Wang Yi expressed that infrastructure construction, which is most needed by all the members of the CELAC, is one of the key fields of China-CELAC cooperation in the next stage. As a Chinese saying goes, "build road firstly if you want to be wealthy". This is also the experience drawn from China's development. China boasts abundant production capability, and advanced technologies and equipment in infrastructure, which means that it is of promising prospect for China and the CELAC to expand cooperation in infrastructure.

Wang Yi noted that just as what Premier Li Keqiang said during his meeting with the heads of participating delegations of the Latin American side, a number of Latin American countries hope to transform its economy structure from simple resource-oriented model to diversification. China stands ready to help Latin American countries improve their industrial production capacities, develop their manufacturing and seek common development with China together. China has accumulated rich experience in this regards including the special economic zones and industrial parks and boasts abundant advantageous production capacities. China is also willing to combine its advantages with development of Latin America and to work with the Latin American side to carry out cooperation in investment and financing. This meeting has mapped out a blueprint for relevant cooperation between China and the CELAC. China is willing to join efforts with the CELAC to give the advantages of China-CELAC cooperation into play, stimulate the vigor of China-CELAC cooperation, usher into a new chapter of China-CELAC cooperation and bring benefits to the Chinese and Latin American people.

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