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Foreign Minister Wang Yi Meets with Minister of State for the Foreign Office Hugo George William Swire of the UK

On January 6, 2015, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with visiting Minister of State for the Foreign Office Hugo George William Swire of the UK.

Wang Yi welcomed Hugo George William Swire to visit China at the beginning of the new year. He said that China and the UK are both major countries with vital influence. The strategic, global and reciprocal characters in bilateral relations are more and more prominent under the current situation. China-UK relations scored positive results in the past year and both sides will also have a series of important agendas in 2015. The two countries should seize the opportunity and work together to ensure the sound and stable development of bilateral relations and push forward bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new high. Chinese Foreign Ministry will maintain close communication and cooperation with its UK counterpart.

Wang Yi stressed that sticking to the principle of mutual respect and equal treatment, taking care of each other's major concerns and properly handling differences through dialogue are foremost in developing bilateral relations. Hong Kong is now at the crucial period of developing its political system, and it is hoped that the UK side will earnestly respect China's stance and concern, abide by the basic principle of non-interference in other's domestic affairs, mind its words and deeds and practically safeguard prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and sound development of bilateral relations.

Hugo George William Swire expressed that in the past year, the UK and China enjoyed frequent high-level exchanges and another record high volume of two-way trade and investment and kept close communication on international and hotspot issues. The UK government highly values developing relations with China and will work together with the country to continue enhancing mutual understanding and trust and push cooperation in all fields for greater progress. The UK is willing to see a prosperous and stable Hong Kong, which is also in the interests of the UK. The UK government's stance on Hong Kong is clear and consistent. The UK side will not interfere in China's domestic affairs.

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