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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba of Zambia and Acting Foreign Minister Henry Oryem Okello of Uganda

On January 5, 2015, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba of Zambia and Acting Foreign Minister Henry Oryem Okello of Uganda, who were together on a visit in China.

Wang Yi said that China-Africa partnership is a historical choice. The common historical experience and national liberation cause make us stand side by side and share the same destiny. The brotherly affections between China and Africa are people's choice, and the long-lasting friendship as well as traditional mutual help have joined our hands and linked our hearts. China-Africa mutually beneficial cooperation is a choice of times, and to realize their respective dreams, China and Africa should continue seeking peace and development together. China will constantly enhance its cooperation with Africa in all areas thus to help it achieve faster development. This is not only China's responsibility but also its viewpoint of righteousness and benefit.

The African side said that China is good friend and reliable partner of Africa and Africa thanks China's help for peace and development in the continent as well as vigorous support to the continent in international and regional affairs. Africa is willing to further strengthen its cooperation with China in all fields.

Both sides exchanged views on the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and agreed to further boost coordination and cooperation. Wang Yi stressed that China supports the UNSC reform, and advocates enhancing the representativeness and voice of developing countries especially African countries in the UNSC. The UNSC reform should reach broad consensus and seek a package of solutions through democratic consultation. The African side expressed its willingness to continue firmly safeguarding the common stance of the African Union and strive to realize it.

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