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Wang Yi: China Is Willing to See Peace, Stability, Unity and Development in Nepal

On December 26 local time, while addressing the reception in Katmandu held by the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China is willing to see peace, stability, unity and development in Nepal. Heads of political parties and friends from all walks of life in Nepal were present at the reception.

Wang Yi said that Nepal has undergone many changes in recent years, but the China-Nepal friendship has remained unchanged. Political parties of Nepal may hold different political views, but they all hope to strengthen friendly relations with China, all pursue friendly policies towards China, and have all made unremitting efforts for the development of China-Nepal relations.

Wang Yi said that Nepal is currently committed to removing itself from the list of the Least Developed Countries by 2022. Nepal boasts abundant resources, a time-honored history, a splendid culture, a unique landscape of snow-capped mountains, and diligent and intelligent people. China believes that Nepal is definitely able to achieve this goal.

Wang Yi said that to realize this vision, political parties and all walks of life as well as the people of Nepal must be united as one and focus on development. Development needs a stable political and social environment first. As a friend of Nepal, China is willing to see that Nepal's constitutional process progresses smoothly and that political parties seek common ground while shelving differences and reach an early agreement through friendly discussions in view of the fundamental and long-term interests of the country. A peaceful, stable, united and developmental Nepal is a blessing for the people of Nepal and conforms to the common aspiration of all countries in the region as well.

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