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Xi Jinping Attends the Second Phase of 9th G20 Leaders' Summit, During Which China Was Announced to Host the G20 Leaders' Summit in 2016

On November 16 local time, the 9th G20 Leaders' Summit was continued in Brisbane, Australia. President Xi Jinping attended and addressed the Summit.

When discussing on the topic of strengthening the world economy's anti-risk capacity, Xi Jinping raised four proposals. First, continue to reform the international financial system and speed up the process of quota reform within the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Second, enhance global cooperation in collecting tax, crack down on international tax evasion and help the developing countries and low-income countries improve their abilities in collecting and managing tax. Third, deepen international cooperation in anti-corruption. Fourth, exert more efforts to deal with the issue of development and facilitate the development of developing countries by establishing the concept of promoting development through growth while stimulating growth through development.

In regard to discussion on the issue of energy, Xi Jinping stressed that the G20 have to, building on a strategic height of improving global economic governance, build a partnership in energy cooperation, nurture a free and open global energy market with orderly competition and efficient supervision, jointly maintain stability of energy prices and market, improve energy efficiency, and formulate and improve global energy governance principles so as to form a new cooperation pattern of equal negotiations and common development among consumer, producer and transit countries.

Xi Jinping announced that China will release data of its oil stocks regularly in accordance with the consensus reached by the G20 on transparency of the data. China expects that its carbon dioxide emissions would peak around 2030 and plans to raise the share of non-fossil energy to around 20 percent of the consumption of the primary energy by 2030 and establish South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change to help other developing states in coping with climate change.

Regarding the discussion on the topic of international trade, Xi Jinping noted that trade protectionism only delivers damage to others without serving one's own benefits. The G20 is capable of and obliged to building a united, open and universally benefiting global market, promoting an early conclusion of the Doha Round of world trade negotiations, creating a trade environment that conduces to all countries by giving their own advantages into play and realizing complement in their advantages, and helping the developing countries raise their position in the global value chain and gain benefits.

Leaders of all members attending the Summit agreed to take time to implement the quota reform of the IMF, continuously promote the reform in financial supervision, take measures to ensure the fairness of international tax systems, build the cooperation networks in anti-corruption, recover corruptive assets and refuse to be a shelter for the corrupted, intensify cooperation in energy, improve the energy efficiency, gradually phase out the subsidies for fossil fuel, support renewable and clean energy, and cope with the challenges of climate change. They also agreed to oppose the trade protectionism and that all kinds of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements should complement each other in a transparent manner, so as to facilitate the trade development of developing countries.

The Summit also discussed the Ebola epidemic and stressed that the G20 should play a bigger role in disease control and prevention as well as disaster relief.

It is announced during the Summit that China will host the G20 Leaders' Summit in 2016. Xi Jinping expressed that China is confident to fulfill its role as the chair of the G20 Leaders' Summit in 2016 and a member of the three-member management troika of the year 2015 and 2017 and will work with all other parties to earnestly maintain, build and develop the mechanism of the G20.

Wang Yang and others were present.

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