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The 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting Held in Beijing

Xi Jinping Presides over the Meeting and Delivers a Speech, Advocating to Promote Regional Economic Integration and Together Build the Asia-Pacific Partnership Featuring Mutual Trust, Inclusiveness, Cooperation and Win-win Results

On November 11, 2014, the 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was held at the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center in Huairou District, Beijing. Leaders of APEC members exchanged in-depth views on the topic of "Co-build the Future-oriented Asia-Pacific Partnership", jointly discussed major plans on regional economic cooperation and reached broad consensus. President Xi Jinping presided over the meeting. Xi Jinping stressed in his speech that in face of the new situation, the Asia-Pacific economies should further promote regional economic integration, create an open Asia-Pacific economic pattern driven by development and innovation and featuring interlinked growth and interests integration, and co-build the Asia-Pacific partnership featuring mutual trust, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results so as to add impetus to economic development of Asia-Pacific region and the world.

Huairou is blessed with glorious sceneries and the Yanqi Lake is surrounded with lush vegetation. At about 9:30 in the morning, 20 participating leaders or representatives of the economies arrived at the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center in succession, where Xi Jinping awaited, and shook hands and exchanged greetings with them.

Xi Jinping pointed out that since APEC was founded 25 years ago, it has witnessed the historical achievements of Asia-Pacific development. In turn, Asia-Pacific's development has endowed APEC with new missions. Today, as we gather at Yanqi Lake, we discuss how APEC carries forward the past traditions, forges into the future, strengthens cooperation, and flutters to fly together so as to write a new vision for Asia-Pacific development.

Xi Jinping stressed that in face of the new situation, we should further promote regional economic integration, create an open pattern conducive to long-term development and vigorously promote the process of the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP). We should spare no effort to promote reform and innovation, explore new growth points and driving forces, and release internal power through restructuring. We should accelerate the improvement of infrastructure construction and create an all-round pattern of connectivity so as to connect all members on both sides of the Pacific with the road of foot, rules and soul.

Xi Jinping hereof put forward 4 propositions. First, to jointly plan the vision for development and to convert the important consensus reached on starting the FTAAP process, promoting connectivity, seeking innovative development and other aspects into action. Second, to jointly cope with global challenges, and properly deal with pandemics, food security, energy security and other global issues. Third, to work together to build a platform for cooperation. We should forge APEC into an institutional platform to advance integration, a policy platform to strengthen the exchange of experience, an open platform to oppose trade protectionism, a development platform to deepen economic and technical cooperation and a connection platform to promote connectivity. China will contribute 10 million USD to support APEC mechanism and capacity building and to carry out practical cooperation in various fields. Fourth, to jointly seek interactive development. We should increase financial and technical support to developing members, expand interactive effects and achieve common development. In the following three years, the Chinese government will provide the developing members of APEC with 1500 training places for capacity-building programs such as trade and investment.

Xi Jinping pointed out that one flower doesn't make a spring and one goose alone can't make a line. Let us take the Yanqi Lake in Beijing as a new starting point and lead the geese lines of the world economy to fly to a bluer and vaster sky.

Leaders of the economies conducted discussions on three key topics, including promoting regional economic integration, pushing innovative economic development, reform and growth, and strengthening all-round construction of infrastructure and connectivity.

Xi Jinping pointed out that all parties should map out new prospect for economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region, take practical action for the establishment of the FTAAP, give play to the leading and coordinating role of the APEC and constantly increase investment in economic and technical cooperation and capacity building. All parties should broaden their strategic vision, demonstrate political courage, strike balance and take active action so as to push forward the realization of innovative economic development, reform and growth in the Asia-Pacific region and consolidate its role as the locomotive of world economy. Efforts should also be made to facilitate infrastructure construction, enhance policy communication and regulation synergy, promote friendly people-to-people exchanges and deepen bilateral, regional and international cooperation at all levels so as to realize Asia-Pacific all-round connectivity together.

Xi Jinping stressed that it is the core of the initiative of "One Belt One Road" to carry out cooperation for connectivity. The Chinese side welcomes friends of common aspirations to actively participate in relevant cooperation and jointly build the "One Belt One Road" into a path of cooperation, friendship and win-win results for all parties.

All economic leaders all hold that in the current global economic situation, it is important to accelerate the construction of the FTAAP, actively advance regional economic integration, promote infrastructure construction and enhance connectivity. All parties agreed to relevant initiatives and propositions raised by President Xi Jinping, spoke highly of the important role of China in promoting economic prosperity in Asia and the world and pushing forward the development of APEC, and appreciated the excellent work of the Chinese side in hosting this meeting.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, the meeting concluded. In the closing remarks, Xi Jinping summarized discussions during the meeting, pointing out that all participating parties reviewed the past achievements and valuable experience of APEC, mapped out the long-term development prospect and direction of the Asia-Pacific region, conducted heated and productive discussions on meeting topics, and reached a number of important consensus. They agreed to greatly enhance the APEC partnership, promote regional economic integration and launch the process of the FTAAP. They approved important cooperation initiatives in value chains, supply chains, capacity building and other fields; They greed to support multilateral trade system and push for the conclusion of Doha Round Negotiations at an early date; accelerate the pace of innovation and reform, jointly explore the development path and model suitable to their actual conditions and enhance communication and mutual learning; intensify all-round construction of infrastructure and connectivity, expand practical cooperation in the investment and financing of infrastructure and jointly address global challenges.

The meeting issued "The 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration: Beijing Agenda for an Integrated, Innovative and Interconnected Asia-Pacific" and "The Statement on the 25th Anniversary of APEC: Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership".

After the meeting, Xi Jinping briefed the press from home and abroad on the meeting and its results. Xi Jinping pointed out that this meeting is of great significance as the APEC cooperation ushers in a new historical stage and another feast of the big APEC family. The meeting has yielded fruitful results and met the expected goals, with which all parties were satisfied. We are determined to carry forward the spirit of mutual trust, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results and jointly build the Asia-Pacific partnership that looks to the future.

During the meeting, Xi Jinping, along with participating leaders or representatives of other economies, planted the Asia-Pacific Forest of Partners, showing that all economies attach importance to environmental protection and pursue green development and indicating a blooming and flourishing APEC cooperation.

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