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Xi Jinping Meets with President Emomalii Rahmon of Tajikistan

On November 7, 2014, President Xi Jinping met with President Emomalii Rahmon of Tajikistan at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping extended welcome to President Emomalii Rahmon for his attendance of the Dialogue on Strengthening Connectivity Partnership in China. Xi Jinping pointed out that as good neighbors, good friends, and good brothers to each other, China and Tajikistan share extensive and solid public opinion foundation in the bilateral strategic partnership. During my state visit to Tajikistan this September, You and I reached a series of important consensus, and a batch of large-scale cooperation projects agreed by us have been proceeded smoothly. I am willing to keep close contacts with you, make plans for cooperation between the two nations and push for their implementation. In the next stage, both sides should tap potentials, actively explore new models of cooperation with a focus on energy, transportation, agriculture and other fields, and conduct joint processing and production, so as to bring the bilateral cooperation to higher levels. China supports Tajikistan's wish to become an economic and trade passageway between China and countries in Central Asia and the Gulf region, and stands ready to work with Tajikistan to accelerate the pace in promoting the connectivity cooperation and to push forward the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. The departments related to law-enforcement and security of the two countries should intensify collaboration to enhance the cooperation in cyber counter-terrorism and drug control and work together with all other parties concerned including Afghanistan to join efforts in fighting against the “three evil forces”.

Emomalii Rahmon expressed that the state visit paid by President Xi Jinping to Tajikistan achieved a great success and boasted a milestone significance, which remains fresh in the memory of the Tajik people up till now. He is especially happy to meet once again with the old friend. Under the current complex and fluctuating international and regional situation, it is Tajikistan’s priority to develop strategic partnership with its great neighbor China in its diplomacy. Under the personal care and promotion of President Xi Jinping, the cooperation consensus and cooperative projects between the two countries have made breakthroughs, for which the Tajik side sincerely appreciates. He will certainly continue paying attention to the major projects agreed by President Xi Jinping and him, especially in the timely completion of the Line-D of the natural gas pipelines linking China and Central Asia. Tajikistan will boost cooperation with China in cracking down the terrorist forces such as the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. President Xi Jinping's proposal of holding the Dialogue on Strengthening Connectivity Partnership came at the right time for Tajikistan, as transportation is a major bottleneck that constrains the economic development of the country. Tajikistan actively supports and participates in joint construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and will speed up the construction of cross-border railways and other infrastructure projects.

After the meeting, the two heads of state attended the signing ceremony of the documents on bilateral cooperation together.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended the above-mentioned events.

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