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Li Keqiang Holds Telephone Conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at Request over Addressing Ebola Epidemic

In the evening of October 21, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang held a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at request, exchanging views on addressing the Ebola epidemic.

Ban Ki-moon introduced the work and relevant concerns of the UN regarding combating the Ebola epidemic.

Li Keqiang expressed that the Ebola epidemic has harmed health, safety and life of the people in the epidemic-stricken countries, severely impacting local economic development and social stability and posing imminent threat to global public health security. The international community should intensify coordination and cooperation to jointly combat the epidemic. The top priority is to provide more material, capital, medical personnel and other assistance to the epidemic-stricken areas, and guide the public to correctly view and deal with the epidemic and cement their confidence in overcoming the epidemic. In the long-term perspective, we should enhance assistance for the development of African countries and improve their public health capacity.

Li Keqiang pointed out that China and African countries are both developing countries and share profound traditional friendship. China is deeply concerned over the epidemic-stricken countries, and has offered multiple batches of emergent assistance after sending humanitarian aid at the earliest time and dispatched a large number of experts and medical personnel to take part in the prevention and control work in the epidemic-stricken areas. China is actively researching the plan for a new batch of assistance, including intensifying public health, material and other assistance and helping African countries improve prevention and control capability to the epidemic. China attaches great importance to the multilateral trust fund established by the UN, and will offer help within its capacity to support the UN’s leading and coordinating role in assisting Africa and combating the epidemic.

Ban Ki-moon spoke highly of China’s assistance to the epidemic-stricken countries in Africa and support to the work of the UN, saying that China’s assistance has strongly backed up the epidemic-stricken countries in fighting against the epidemic and enhanced the confidence of the people in the epidemic-stricken areas in tiding over the epidemic. The UN will further boost unity and cooperation of the international community and give play to the role of the UN mission and the multilateral trust fund, and strengthen global assistance for African countries combating the epidemic so as to effectively prevent and control the spread of the epidemic. The UN stands ready to continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with China.

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