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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Yang Jiechi's Meeting with US Secretary of State Kerry

State Councillor Yang Jiechi held talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry on October 18. The two sides had an in-depth and extensive exchange of views on China-US relations and issues of common interest. After the meeting, Spokesperson Qin Gang of the Foreign Ministry of China gave an overview of the meeting.

Regarding the Ebola epidemic, Yang Jiechi said that the aggravation of Ebola in West Africa has made it a public health security issue that must be addressed with the concerted efforts of the international community. The Chinese government and people have been following closely the epidemic, providing assistance to affected countries in Africa and international organizations. The Chinese side will continue with the provision of assistance and help in light of the development of the epidemic and the need of countries concerned. We are ready to intensify coordination and cooperation with the American side, make the best of our respective advantages, complement each other and join other countries in the world to help African countries combat the epidemic and tide over the difficulty.

Regarding the Korean nuclear issue, Yang Jiechi stressed that China's position is clear, firm and consistent. It is in the interests of all parties including China and the US that we realize denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, safeguard peace and stability of the Peninsula and resolve problems through dialogue and consultation. We hope that all parties will work in concert for the shared goal, seize the opportunity, further relax tensions and create favorable conditions for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear issue, Yang Jiechi pointed out that the Iranian nuclear issue has a bearing on geopolitics and security of the Middle East. A proper settlement of the issue will benefit all parties. Negotiations on a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue have entered a crucial stage. All parties should stay committed to consultation on an equal footing, accommodate each other's concerns, give full play to their diplomatic wisdom and creativity, narrow differences in the pursuit of common ground and work hard to reach an early and win-win agreement that is comprehensive, fair and balanced.

Regarding the issue of counter-terrorism, Yang Jiechi said that the Chinese side is firmly opposed to all forms of terrorism, and is willing to enhance communication and cooperation with the international community including the US in the field of counter-terrorism. The Chinese side always maintains that we should take a multi-pronged approach and address both the symptoms and root causes of terrorism based on the respect for relevant countries' independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in accordance with the UN Charter and the basic norms governing international relations.

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