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Li Keqiang and Dmitry Medvedev Jointly Visit the Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development"Open Innovations"Exhibition

In the morning of October 14 local time, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development "Open Innovations"Exhibition with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev of Russia at invitation.

Science, Technology and Innovation Exhibition Area of China showcased China's scientific research achievements in such areas as high-speed train, nuclear power, aerospace, high-end manufacturing and communication in a concentrated manner. In front of the high-speed train exhibition stand, Li Keqiang and Medvedev listened to the introduction of the new generation of high-speed train unit researched and developed independently by China by the project director. Medvedev asked if the high-speed train can operate in cold areas. Li Keqiang said, China has rich experience in operating high-speed train in cold areas and the technology is guaranteed.

Later, the Chinese Premier and the Russian Prime Minister came to the aerospace technology achievement exhibition stand. The project director introduced that last year China successfully launched the Chang’e-3 Lunar Probe, whose power system was jointly developed and manufactured by China and Russia. Medvedev inquired the direction of the next bilateral cooperation in details. Li Keqiang expressed that aerospace has always been the important component of China-Russia strategic cooperation, and expressed his hope that in the future the two countries can strengthen bilateral cooperation in such area as carrier rocket, manned space and satellite research and manufacturing.

The exhibition also set up "100 Innovators" Youth Innovation Exchange Exhibition Area. In front of an exhibition stand of a Chinese company, a young company director briefed the Chinese Premier and the Russian Prime Minister on the experiences of the company realizing rapid development through R&D and innovation, which received praise from them. Li Keqiang said that young people have the passion to innovate, and making full use of the platform of opening-up and strengthening the exchanges and cooperation of young innovators around the world will give full play to this passion and facilitate practical cooperation among countries.

At the exhibition stand of Skolkovo Innovation Center, Medvedev expressed that he welcomes more Chinese enterprises to move in the Center to carry out R&D and manufacturing and it is believed that the Russia-China cooperation can bring mutual benefit and win-win results.

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