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Li Keqiang Meets with Hamburg Mayor of Germany

In the morning of October 11 local time, Premier Li Keqiang met with Mayor Olaf Scholz of Hamburg in the German city.

Li Keqiang expressed that with a time-honored history of exchange with China, the city of Hamburg not only has taken a lead in the China-Germany trade, but also become the European city attracting most Chinese enterprises. Yesterday, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and I co-chaired the third round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultations together and both sides issued the Action Outline for China-Germany Cooperation, charting the course for the medium-to-long term bilateral cooperation in a comprehensive and systematic manner. I hope Hamburg play a leading role in implementing the Action Plan and enhance cooperation with the Chinese side in free trade, railway transportation, new energy, clean energy, media and other fields. The Chinese government will continue to encourage competitive Chinese enterprises to invest and establish business in Hamburg. It is hoped that Hamburg could provide convenience for this.

Olaf Scholz expressed that Hamburg, as China's gateway to the European market, has kept friendly exchanges with China. Hamburg is willing to further broaden cooperation with China in such areas as aerospace, manufacturing, sea transportation and people-to-people and cultural exchanges and welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest in the city.

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