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Cooperation in Research and Development Will Become New Highlight of China-Germany Cooperation

On October 10 local time, China and Germany reached consensus on carrying out in-depth cooperation in research and development during the just-concluded third round of China-Germany inter-governmental consultations. The research and development field was included into the Action Outline for China-Germany Cooperation as the first batch of major fields of innovation cooperation between China and Germany.

The Action Outline for China-Germany Cooperation stated that both sides agreed to, taking the building of innovative partnership as opportunities and regarding the mutual benefits and win-win results as goals, carry out innovation cooperation in the field of research and development and uplift the level of China-Germany cooperation. Both sides will conduct cooperation in such major fields as water and sewage treatment technology, environmental protection technology, renewable energy, photoelectron and optical technology, polar and oceanic studies and life science.

The field of research and development is expected to be a highlight in China-Germany innovation cooperation.

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