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Education Exchange Boosts China-Germany Cooperation

On October 10 local time, in the Action Outline for China-Germany Cooperation just issued, China and Germany reached multiple consensuses on further enhancing cooperation in the field of education. The Outline stressed the important significance of education to bilateral social and economic development as well as innovation capacity. The two countries are willing to continue deepening cooperation in education.

Both sides will continuously increase the number of overseas students to study in each other's country, establish sustainable cooperation between colleges and universities of the two countries, enhance joint cultivation of high-level talents, strengthen the popularity of Chinese and German teaching in each other's country and support the inclusion of national conditions and culture of each other's country in the teaching materials of primary and secondary schools.

In addition, both sides also announced to rectify and re-sign the agreement on the mutual recognition of higher education and promote the establishment of a long-acting exchange mechanism between the students of primary and secondary schools and universities in the two countries. As an important content of bilateral education cooperation, both sides re-affirmed in the Outline to continue deepening cooperation in vocational education.

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