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Zhang Gaoli Visits Belarus

On September 26 local time, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, when visiting Belarus upon invitation, met with President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus in Minsk, and held talks with Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich of Belarus on September 27.

During the meeting with Lukashenko, Zhang Gaoli firstly conveyed kind greetings from President Xi Jinping. Zhang Gaoli said, under the leadership of Mr. President, Belarus has achieved political stability and economic development and made remarkable construction achievements. China attaches great importance to developing relations with Belarus. Last July, President Xi Jinping and Mr. President jointly promoted the relations between the two countries up to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership, which opened a new era in the China-Belarus relations. With the personal concern and promotion of the two heads of state, the two sides have enjoyed ever-deepening political mutual trust, continuous expansion of practical cooperation, increasingly vibrant people-to-people and cultural exchanges and closer coordination in international affairs. The outcomes of deepening China-Belarus strategic cooperation have brought tangible benefits to the two peoples. The two countries have increasingly become a community of common destiny with their goals and interests highly integrated. We are fully confident about the prospects of the China-Belarus relations.

Zhang Gaoli pointed out that in order to further deepen China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership, both sides should maintain close high-level exchanges, strengthen the strategic guidance on bilateral relations, and ensure that China-Belarus relations always advance toward the right direction in a sustained and in-depth manner. Both countries should continue to provide firm support on each other's core interests and major concerns, on each other's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, on each other's choice of development path, political system as well as domestic and foreign policies, and on each other's development and revitalization endeavor. The two countries should comprehensively push forward China-Belarus practical cooperation, jointly build key demonstration cooperation projects, expand local and people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and reinforce the social and public opinion foundation of bilateral relations.

Lukashenko asked Zhang Gaoli to convey his best wishes to President Xi Jinping. He said Belarus regards China as a reliable cooperative partner, and takes developing relations with China as a strategic priority in its foreign policy. In recent years, bilateral cooperation in various fields has been developing smoothly, and the Belarus-China relations have been an example of equal treatment, mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation between countries in the world today. Belarus is willing to work with China to seize important opportunities faced by the development of the current bilateral relations and promote bilateral friendly cooperation for more fruitful results.

When holding talks with Myasnikovich, Zhang Gaoli conveyed Premier Li Keqiang's warm regards. Zhang Gaoli said that the two prime ministers this January jointly announced to implement the development plan for China-Belarus comprehensive strategic partnership for the next five years, which has become a "roadmap" in guiding the next-stage mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. Next, the two sides should make good use of the bilateral cooperation mechanism, actively guide the in-depth development of practical cooperation in all areas, and promote countries in this region and local governments of the two countries to make joint efforts to build the "Silk Road Economic Belt", so as to benefit peoples of all countries along the Belt.

Myasnikovich asked Zhang Gaoli to convey his kind greetings to Premier Li Keqiang. He said that Belarus and China have carried out high-quality practical cooperation, gradually implemented major projects and broadened cooperation fields, and enjoyed close collaboration between government departments and enterprises, which have laid a solid foundation for the two countries to further expand cooperation. Belarus will work together with China to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries to a higher level.

After the talks, they jointly attended the signing ceremony of cooperation documents between the two countries in such fields as economy, trade and culture.

Zhang Gaoli and Myasnikovich also attended the opening ceremony of Beijing Hotel Minsk and delivered speeches respectively. Zhang Gaoli said that Beijing Hotel Minsk is an important achievement of China-Belarus mutually beneficial cooperation and will become a beautiful card of China-Belarus friendship. He believed that with the joint efforts of both sides, more successful major cooperative projects will spring up in the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

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