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The 11th Meeting of the China-Russia Energy Cooperation Committee Held in Moscow

On August 30 local time, the 11th meeting of the China-Russia Energy Cooperation Committee was held in Moscow. Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich of Russia co-chaired the meeting.

Zhang Gaoli said at the meeting that the successful meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin in Shanghai this May promoted cooperation in the East Line of China-Russia natural gas pipelines and other major strategic projects for historic breakthroughs, pushing the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination to a new stage of development. Our meeting is aimed to further implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, carry out all-round and in-depth discussions on strengthening bilateral energy cooperation, and make relevant preparations for the 19th regular meeting between the two Premiers to be held in the middle of October.

Zhang Gaoli pointed out that China and Russia have achieved rich fruits in cooperation in crude oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, coal, electricity and other energy, which has lifted the overall level of practical cooperation between the two countries. The groundbreaking ceremony of the Russian section of the East Line of China-Russia natural gas pipelines will be held in two days. The Chinese side attaches great importance to expanding and deepening China-Russia energy cooperation and will abide by the consensus reached by the two heads of state to devote consistent and unswerving efforts to establishing a strategic cooperative relationship of energy with Russia. The Chinese side is ready to work with the Russian side to make persistent efforts to push for substantial progress in the major projects and promote in-depth development of the China-Russia relations with concrete results of bilateral energy cooperation.

Dvorkovich said that mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of energy between Russia and China has grown rapidly with relevant projects making constant progress. The Russian side is dedicated to further deepening energy cooperation with the Chinese side and will cooperate closely with the Chinese side to continuously advance the cooperation in the construction of the natural-gas pipelines and other major projects in the energy field so as to make positive contributions to promoting common development of both countries.

The two sides exchanged in-depth views and reached broad consensus on cooperation in natural gas, oil, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, renewable energy and other fields.

After the meeting, Zhang Gaoli and Dvorkovich signed the minutes of the meeting.

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