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Li Keqiang Sends Message of Congratulations to Narendra Modi on His Assumption of Office of Prime Minister of the Republic of India

On May 26, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang sent a message to Narendra Modi, for the congratulations of his assumption of office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of India.

Li Keqiang said in the message, China and India are important neighbors to each other, and also the two largest emerging market countries in the world today. China-India relations have gone beyond the bilateral scope and are of global and strategic significance. China has always regarded China-India relations as one of priorities in its foreign policy. Since entering in the new century, the two countries have established a strategic cooperative partnership of peace and prosperity and explored a way getting along with each other of active expansion of cooperation and proper management of differences.

Li Keqiang expressed that both China and India are now shouldering historical tasks of deepening reforms, developing economy and improving people’s livelihood and that seeking development at home and peace abroad are our common goal. China and India joining hands to realize a peaceful, cooperative and common development benefits not only the two peoples but also peace, stability and prosperity in Asia and the world at large. China is willing to work together with India in promoting China-India strategic cooperative partnership of peace and prosperity for new highs.

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