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Chinese Enterprise Staff Assaulted in Violent Incidents in Ha Tinh Province, Viet Nam, Set off for China Safe and Sound

On May 19 local time, four passenger ships sent by the Chinese government, namely Wuzhishan, Tongguling, Zijing 12 and Baishiling, successively arrived at the Vung Ang port of Ha Tinh Province, Viet Nam, taking back the Chinese enterprise staff assaulted in the violent incidents in Ha Tinh Province. Up till 18: 26 Beijing time, staff members of Chinese enterprises, except some due to stay behind, altogether 3,553 people, set off for China by the four ships. They are expected to arrive at the Xiuying Port in Haikou, Hainan Province on May 20.

The interdepartmental working group of the Chinese government, the Chinese Embassy staff in Viet Nam and the executives of the China Metallurgical Group Corporation closely coordinated and cooperated with the Vietnamese side throughout the process. The evacuation work proceeded in a safe and orderly manner from beginning to end.

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