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Li Keqiang Stresses to Pay More Attention to Construction of Livelihood Projects for Chinese Community and Safeguard Legitimate Rights and Interests of Overseas Chinese Enterprises and Nationals at Symposium on Livelihood of Chinese Community Held in Angola

Angola has more than 200,000 Chinese nationals, which account for one quarter of all Chinese nationals in Africa. In the afternoon of May 8 local time, Premier Li Keqiang held a symposium on livelihood projects for Chinese community in Luanda, the capital city of Angola, and listened to the ideas and suggestions of the China-funded enterprises and Chinese nationals in Angola on how to do the work of Chinese community's livelihood well.

Li Keqiang said that you are working and living thousands of miles away from the motherland, but you have been in the minds of the motherland and Chinese people. It is my great pleasure to meet all of you and listen to your ideas and suggestions.

At the symposium, representatives of the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and Chinese Chamber of Commerce were active in speaking out. They respectively talked about their feelings of working and living in Angola and primarily gave suggestions on how to better safeguard rights and interests of overseas Chinese enterprises and citizens. Young staff representatives also sent in a written proposal to Li Keqiang about the development of overseas staff.

Li Keqiang said that as China continuously expands its opening up and Chinese enterprises and nationals gradually accelerate their paces of "going out", the problem of legitimate rights and interests and even personal safety is becoming increasingly prominent. People's livelihood is the top priority. Earnestly safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese enterprises and Chinese nationals is not only the inherent requirement of expanding the opening up, but also due responsibilities of the Party and the government.

Li Keqiang said that Chinese enterprises and nationals seeking development overseas is like gambling in the tide of market economy. It's not a zero-sum game, but should achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, so that the fruitful results of the opening up can be truly yielded. Chinese community's livelihood should be combined with local people's livelihood. Chinese enterprises and nationals should abide by local laws, respect local customs and do whatever they can to fulfill their due social responsibilities so as to well maintain China's image, get along with the host countries and be a good messenger of friendship between China and foreign countries.

Li Keqiang pointed out that the diplomatic work should not only "touch the sky", serving the overall interests of the country, but also be "down-to-earth", serving the overseas Chinese enterprises and nationals. The Central Committee of the Party and the State Council attach great importance to the capacity building of the livelihood projects for Chinese community. We should increase the input in the work of consular protection, enhance the strength of overseas consular protection, establish a global consular protection and emergency response call center as soon as possible so that the fellow compatriots can be protected by the consular protection services wherever they go. Your safety is our biggest wish. The Chinese government will strengthen relations with the host countries where overseas Chinese enterprises and nationals dwell in, and make efforts to create conditions for them to live a safe and happy life abroad.

Over 40 people including representatives of the China-funded enterprises, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and the employees of the Chinese enterprises in Angola attended the symposium.

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