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Li Keqiang Visits Chinese Medical Aid Unit to Angola, Urging Them to Feel Patients' Sufferings with Their Hearts and Heal the Wounded and Rescue the Dying with Their Excellent Skills

In the afternoon of May 8 local time, Premier Li Keqiang visited and extended his regards to Chinese medical aid workers to Angola in Luanda, capital of Angola.

China began to send medical aid units to developing countries since 1963, and has sent medical units to over forty African countries by now. Since 2009, three batches of Chinese medical workers have been to Angola to carry out medical aid. This medical aid unit from Sichuan Province has worked in Angola for five months.

On seeing the Premier, members of the medical unit became especially excited. Shaking hands with them one by one, Li Keqiang praised them for their angelic work even though they were not in white gown, and asked what difficulties they are faced with, and whether their work goes smoothly or not. Team members said that the biggest difficulty is language barrier, but there are always more solutions to the problem than problems themselves. With the help of local translators, they can nevertheless understand the condition of their patients clearly, only that it requires time and patience.

Li Keqiang commended that what you have said is very good. The most important element in Naixin (patience) is Xin (heart). In spite of the difficulty in verbal communication, hearts can communicate with each other. You should feel their sufferings with your own hearts, so that they can personally experience Chinese people’s friendship. You heal the wounded and rescue the dying with your excellent skills. Your work is very hard, but very lofty, and it is also a rare experience and wealth to your life.

Mme. Cheng Hong, wife of Premier Li Keqiang, joined the activity.

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