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Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Barbados Published a Signed Article in Local Media On the White Paper "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action"

On June 12, 2020, H.E.Yan Xiusheng, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Barbados, published a signed article entitled “Historical Record of China’s Fighting COVID-19” in the local mainstream media of Barbados The Advocate Newspaper on the white paper "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action". Following is the full context of Ambassador Yan’s article:

A Historical Record of China’s Fighting COVID-19

While the dreadful pandemic of COVID-19 is still spreading and causing devastation all over the world, China, as the one of the countries hit by the first wave in this pandemic, has to some extent effectively contained the transmission of the virus, thanks to the arduous work of Chinese people and kind supports from all over the world.

This white paper, titled "Fighting COVID-19: China in Action", is recently published by China's State Council Information Office, and it records the difficult journey of China’s fighting COVID-19 during the past months, provides China’s effective manners and experience in epidemic prevention, control and treatment, and underscores the significance of cooperation and solidarity to win the battle against COVID-19 globally. After reading this white paper, I would like to share my four observations with you:

First, people are the sources of strength to win the battle. The white paper states that, the 1.4 billion Chinese people, irrespective of their gender, age, and occupation, have plunged themselves into the battle against the epidemic. Resilient and united, they represent a formidable force in the battle. During the past months in China, medical workers rose to the challenge. Community workers, police, customs officers, couriers, sanitation workers, transport employees, media workers, volunteers, and many people from other sectors of society worked day and night to protect lives and public safety, which ensures our win against COVID-19 in China and now we have also seen on this island.

Second, China has released information in an open and transparent manner. The white paper records the history of while making an all-out effort to contain the virus, China having also provided information on COVID-19, including the whole coronavirus genome sequence and the specific primers and probes for detecting the coronavirus, in a thoroughly open, transparent and professional way to the international community, which helps global pandemic response and prevention as well as provides the basis of vaccine research and development internationally.

Third, China appreciates support from the international community. As the white paper states, Chinese is such a nation who never forgets the help and generosity it receives and always reciprocates with the same goodwill. At the time when the situation in China was at its most difficult, the international community, including Barbados, provided valuable support and assistance to our country and our people. Chinese people will always cherish this. When the pandemic is spreading globally, the Chinese people are now doing all we can to support the international community in the fight against the coronavirus and bring our social lives back to normal.

Fourth, cooperation and solidarity is the most powerful weapon. The virus does not respect borders. Nor is race or nationality relevant in the face of the disease. With the current widespread of the virus, all countries should bear the wellbeing of all humanity and the interest of future generations in mind, try their best to advance international cooperation and solidarity, take immediate action and adopt decisive measures to minimize both the imminent and potential threats of the virus, so as to build a global community of health for all, with no one left behind. China stands ready for this.

As the white paper concludes, our human race has never been driven down by adversity. The pandemic may have a significant impact on the development of humanity, but the people’s longing for a happy life will remain unchanged. Peace, development, and win-win cooperation will prevail. As long as the world’s peoples can unite in pursuit of a common goal, we will be able to overcome all our current difficulties and challenges, and build a better world for all.

If you are interested with this white paper, you can find one copy at the Embassy’s website or at our Facebook page.

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