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Ambassador Wang Ke Met with Participants of Seminar on Tourism Management and Development for Barbados

On October 9th, H.E. Ms. Wang Ke, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados met with the 17 participants from Barbadian Government, tourism corporations and hotels, who would leave for China to participate the 2015 Seminar on Tourism Management and Development for Barbados. Mr. Zhang Xiu, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy, Ms. Donna Cadogan, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism, and Mr. David Bulbulia, Acting Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the meeting.

In her remarks, Ambassador Wang reviewed the fruits of bilateral cooperation in the area of human resource, highlighted that the both seminars on trade and investment as well as on agriculture and agro-processing specially tailored for Barbados achieved great success. Ambassador Wang indicated that the tourism cooperation between China and Barbados would have a bright prospect since China had already been the largest tourism market in the world, while Barbados was one of the world famous tourist attractions. Holding of this seminar would be a good start for enhancing the bilateral tourism cooperation to facilitate the exchanges between the professionals from governments and enterprises of the two countries, help the Barbadian side to deepen the understanding of the Chinese market, and lay a good foundation for the Barbadian side to design the tourism products which would meet Chinese tourists’ demand in the future.

Ms. Cadogan, Mr. Bulbulia and representative of the participants thanked the Chinese Government for the assistances and arrangements of the human resource training programmes. They expressed that the Barbadian side was enriching and innovating tourism products, and strengthening the bond with the main tourism markets of the world, including China. All the participants of this seminar would seige the opportunity to familiarize the Chinese tourism market, learn successful experiences from Chinese counterparts, and promote the exchanges and cooperation between Barbados and China in the area of tourism.

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